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Absolut Mixt

Absolut Mixt is a brand new product. A pre-mixed drink packed in stylish and handy small bottles. The drink is low in alcohol content and easy to bring along.

Absolut Mixt - tribute to the original

Absolut Mixt is poured into small glass bottles where the design is a tribute to Absolut Vodka's iconic bottle form. Each bottle has a brush stroke over it, a symbol of Absolut’s history and commitment to the art world.

Absolut Mixt - natural and unsweetened

Absolut Mixt is an unsweetened, slightly carbonated drink based on Absolut vodka and flavored with berries and fruits.

Absolut Mixt - Available in two flavours

Absolut Mixt is available at Systembolaget and is available in two flavours. Absolutely Mixt Blueberry & Lime and Absolut Mixt Cloudberry & Apple. Alcohol 4.5%

The products are available in Systembolaget's ordering range.
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