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Sandeman LBV Porto


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A careful selection of wines from high quality 2000 harvest were blended to give the full rich fruit character and power that is found in this Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage 2000. Bottled in its fourth year, this special category Porto wine combines the advantage of being ready to drink and yet having the style of a single year. 

Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage 2000 is a young and intense wine, with a good evolving structure of great harmony.The wine shows a deep red ruby colour, ripe fruit aromas and a rich taste in a perfect balance of evolution and concentrated powerful tannins.

Tasting Notes Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage 2000 is perfect with rich chocolate desserts (mousses, parfaits, cakes, truffles), red fruits tarts, creamy cheeses or …just with a good cigar.

Food Pairing Matured before bottling, Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage 2000 does not require decanting. However, if kept for several years, this wine may throw a natural sediment with time and should then be decanted.

Serve in large glasses to fully appreciate. Serving Suggestions Storing Technical

LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE PORTO In line with its quality positioning, Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage 2000 comes in a dark bottle, sealed with a long driven cork. Therefore, it be stored on its side to keep the cork moist. Store in a dry place with constant temperature (16º C-18º C), avoiding bright light.

shelf life for Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage 2000 is 12 - 18 months but being a top quality Porto wine it will age well for 3-5 years from bottling date (on the label).
Once open Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage 2000 can remain fresh for around 1 week.